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This is an area that people have lead me to believe needs some work.  I've been using Alias softwares, off and on, since being introduced to Alias Studio at Art Center in 1992.  While at Art Center I was able to make use of the thirty seats of Alias Studio for a couple of projects.  We often had to fight over the machines because they were in such high demand.  Around that time, the cost of the SGI machines (approx. $40K) and the software licenses put it out of reach for the individual.

     While at Idol Minds, developing games for Playstation 1 & 2, I was able to use Alias PowerAnimator8 and Maya 3.0 Unlimited.  These both contain the basic modelling and rendering package that is Alias Studio.

     When I founded Jack Waller Design, upon receiving the contract to redesign the monorail for Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia, I had previously purchased Maya 7.0 for my personal development in this field.

     My current goal is to demonstrate more capability with this software.  I am currently wrapping up this car in Maya that I originally sketched for the 2006/2007 Peugeot Competition on-line.  Because of my involvement with the monorail's development, I was not able to model this vehicle for that competition.  I decided that the design warrants the effort.  When this car is completed to my satisfaction, I will be moving on to a motorcycle.

     Interestingly enough, today I received an e-mail from Peugeot, with a link to there new product page.  They also have developed a four passenger sports sedan with a nose that is closely related to this concept.  Like I said, I only had time to submit the sketches of my 'Porcelena' concept featured here.  Could I have influenced them?  Maybe. 


More Maya renderings are on there way here.

Gen2 Malaysia Monorail- see bottom of 'Malaysia Monorail' page.

'Porcelena'- 4 Door Sports Sedan - Here it is!  I'd call it a 4-Door Sports Car, but I noticed that Nissan has trademarked that for their new Maxima.  This car would eat a Maxima for lunch and save fuel while doing it.

future: Motoczysz inspired Sportbike


Maya 7.0 rendering of a car that I call 'Porcelena'.  Yes, it's a tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins.  This car is not finished yet, but I already leaked it to a few recruiters, so I decided to show it here.  All be it a bit prematurely.  It still needs some sheetmetal refinements, especially in the tail.  I would estimate it at about 90% complete.  I'll step up the shaders and evironmental effects after I'm done dealing with the refinements.


The influences are evident: Porsches, Corvettes/Camaros, Muscle Cars, Audi R8 (LeMans), Mercedes CLS.  Audi just recently announced a 'chopped' roof version of their A6, to compete with Mercedes.  Lamborghini just debuted their Espada? four-door sports car in Paris.

The trick: making a four passenger sedan sexy enough that people can't resist it. 


I am interested in knowing what people think about this car.  It might not be totally done, but I think you get the general idea, right?  You don't have to be a designer to offer your two cents either.  But certainly, if you are a Transportation Designer, it will carry even more weight with me.  You can reply to my portfolio feedback link on my home page.  Positive, negetive, contructive, or destructive, I don't mind.  Bring it!


Two seperate front radiators like a Porsche 911 Turbo or Audi R8.  The radiators are ducted like a LeMans racecar to speed up the cold/hot air exchange through the radiators.  The concave areas near the base of the greenhouse and in the rear fenders, are my own concept for providing improved downforce and rear traction at higher speeds.  I believe this is referred to as a 'wing-in-effect' body design.  This is innovation people!  Exclusively from Jack Waller Design.