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These are concepts based on the current Chrysler Sebring.  They were sketched over the existing model to assure their easy application to the existing chassis.


Concept based on the current Dodge Avenger.  I like the 2008 Dodge Avenger a lot, but products eventually need revision or refreshing.  Apparently Chrysler agrees because I just found an article about them moving up the redesign for these models recently.  This is an attempt at finding a near-future direction for that vehicle.  I think its family resemblance to the Charger is still in tact here. 


Chrysler 300C concept.  It dawned on me that there is no Dodge version of the 300C.  Maybe that doesn't matter, except that the grille on this one leads me to believe that this chassis could be appealing to more people.  The folks that are more performance- oriented than affluent in their tastes.


Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon concept.  Shaker-top Hemi, 2- inch lift, vista doors, bead-lock alloy rims, custom bumpers and side-steps, and hard top with spare mount and storage basket.  Some Hummer and Toyota FJ influence.


This car was sketched over a Chrysler 300C.  I moved the windshield back about 5 inches, to get a longer hood, and squashed the greenhouse slightly.  Looks like a Mercedes now.


Chrysler or Dodge Hot Hatch.  This car would be sub-Caliber.  They need to get rid of the Neon, if they haven't yet.  Can anybody guess which existing hot hatch I sketched this car over?  Dodge was considering building the Hornet, back in 2006.  What happened to that car?