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Recreational Vehicles are my true passion.  A true extension of the adventurous individual.  People stare at these things in their garage and relive the heroing experiences of the day.  Only to imagine what they might achieve, the next time.  Personal satisfaction, expression, and freedom all packed into a rocket to which you own the keys.  God Bless America!


Boating Rules!  I was infected at an early age.  My father owned a 1978 Sea Ray 197 with a 302 Ford and OMC 190 stern drive.  I became a slalom waterskier at an early age and subsequently arrived at wakeboarding!  I recently acquired my grandfather's 1982 Webbcraft Dynasty 20' open-bow runabout.  I just finished replacing the Chevy 350 that had suffered a cracked block, due to lack of winterization.  I would love to be involved with this industry.


Part car, part MX motorcycle.  Room for two, and minimal luggage!  And make sure it's all buckled down tight!  This little car could run the Paris-Dakar Rally.  Fully tuned long-travel baja suspension and plenty of neck-snapping throttle response.  Carbon-Fiber body and extensive use of alloys throughout result in a high-flying little ripper.  Fully-integrated rollcage included, as well as save-my-life braking power.


1000cc 'Naked' Superbike.  Based on Kawasaki's new Z1000, which is in itself amazing, I call this bike the Mantis.  Wheelie prone and bad to the bone, or frame really.  With just enough fairing to break the worst of it, this bike could make prey out of most others in the twisties.


650cc V-Twin fully-faired Sportbike.  This is a redesign of a Korean made Hyosong sportbike that I encountered while in Malaysia.

  • Ski-Doo Snowmobiles Interview with Jerome Foye- early 1996
  • Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles Interview with Dave Hanlon in Eden Prarie, Minnesota- Mid 1996
  • Sea-Doo Watercraft Interview near Melbourne, Florida- 2001

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