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I was involved in some of the first Entertainment Design courses available at Art Center.  I have always had a fascination for Science Fiction.  Star Wars made an impact on me, that has really not been equalled, to this date.  This sketch was done in the ideation process for the development of a character.  He is an Alien Bounty Hunter for a movie or game that would be much like Star Wars.


Robotic refueling of a fighter under close protection of a Marine Dragonfly.  The Dragonfly is a descendent of the V-22 Osprey, except that it's turbine/rocket powered.  The Drogonfly replaced all hovering rotor aircraft and was eventually upgraded for exo-atmosphereic manuevers.  It can also deploy up to 6 soldiers from its rear ramp.


First crack at some droids, after taking some time to think of some unique and useful applications for them.  I wanted to stay away from that which has been done before, for now.  Think of all the different droids, throughout the many SciFi shows out there...C-3PO, R2-D2, Johnny5, Battle Droids, Cylons, etc.


I play a lot of Ghost Recon.  It's interesting for me to think about our Marines' role in the future, as the vast frontier of space opens up.  Or at least how we can protect our soldiers, in the near future and gain the advantage over our enemies.  My sincere thanks goes out to all those who have served our country!


Finally, version two of "The Suit".  It's a powered and armored exoskeleton for soldiers.  Protection and mobility are the primary goals.  This is the first advance in the concept.  Ultimately, we'll arrive at the most desired suit.  At the Mk10 version, I'll be ready to model one in Maya.  The green fluid in the arms of this suit is part of an advanced, micro-controlled version of hydraulics.  Jetpacks have recently entered the real market, so imagine what they'll have in 3012.  The real-life manifestation of Buzz Lightyear.

More material is inbound to this page.

I enrolled in a Game Design class at Red Rocks Community College, for the summer (2008).  I learned, and will be implementing the Torque Game Engine as a demonstrator of my abilities.  I am developing an FPS(First Person Shooter) that centers around the powered/armored suit concept that I've been developing.  The movie revival of Ironman darn near stole my concept, but I believe my concept will still stand on its own.

I also have a new Game Design Portfolio under development.

Currently these are the projects being developed:

  • Skate Plaza
  • V-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor Aircraft (Maya)
  • Stryker 8-wheeled APC (Maya)
  • Sci-Fi Spacecraft
  • Heavy Guns (Quake/Unreal types)
  • "The Suit"- Sought by many, throughout the universe, only one man can wear it.  If he can find it.  (Sci-Fi space adventure).
  • Soldiers (Human figures-Special Forces/USMarines)
  • Sports Figures (Rod Smith or Patrick Roy)
  • Nascars (Dodge Charger or Car of Tomorrow)
  • Droids
  • Stadiums (Invesco Field at Mile High)
  • Aliens (Soft Body)