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Recently, I was encouraged to pursue more digital sketching.  Apparently my marker sketches were making things look dated.  This is my first step in that direction.  Porsche and Volkswagen seem to be growing closer all the time.  Maybe a vehicle like this could be a joint-venture between them to sell more of each brand?  Porsche version shown above.


8 Passenger Crossover Vehicle- a fairly new breed in the growing Crossover segment.  The GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook have previously arrived in this segment.  These types of loads used to be exclusive to Suburbans and Excursions, and just outside the capacities of most minivans.  When the Dodge Journey recently debuted, I was a little shocked at its similarity to this sketch.  Think about it.  I fully conceived and sketched this vehicle in the early summer of 2007.  Long before I saw any spy pictures of the Dodge Journey.  The grille is about the only difference.


I grew up, mostly in Denver, Colorado.  I've always appreciated imports such as Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.  Mostly for their simplicity in design and superior build quality.  American quality seemed to be falling far short of the mark, at the time.  I've always hoped that we could make a comeback as Americans.  It finally seems to be happening, now.  I want to be personally involved in this effort.


Generation-X vehicle for Honda sponsored project.  As a result of growing up near/in the Rocky Mountains, SUVs are close to my heart.  Nothing beats a capable off-road vehicle when feet of snow are being dumped on your surroundings.  Ted Kennedy and his belated Detroit-based anti-SUV clan must not have grown up around here.  You will have to pry my Dodge Ram 1500 Quadcab 4X4 from my cold frozen death-grip!


Is this a sedan or pick-up?  Only you decide, if you own one.  Just drop the tailgate and remove the joined decklid and rear glass section (stow in garage).  You'll now be able to transport: 2 mountainbikes, or 1 Kawasaki original Jet Ski, or 1 Dirtbike, or a lawnmower and trimmer, or whatever.  This concept predated the debut of the Pontiac Aztek, Chevrolet Avalanche, and Honda Ridgeline.  Is that visionary?  Adjustable coil-over/air suspension accomodates the loads.


5th scale Clay model of Honda Gen-X vehicle: Mountain Goat