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I ran across a job opportunity with Suzuki, which is one of my favorite brands of motorcycles.  I sketched this concept over their new LTR450 quad.


A total redesign of the current Kawasaki ZX-6R.  This design was sketched over the existing chassis.  The wheelbase and wheel size have been retained.  The rear swingarm is my own design, as well as the wheel design and the whole rest of the bike.  I do this sometimes to show that I can present a whole new look without sending the engineering department back to their drawing boards/computers.


The customization of Superbikes is a big thing right now.  Do you ever watch 'Superbikes' on Speed with Jason Britton?  Here I am just messing around with wheelbase and profile variations.  From stuntbikes to cruisers, the industry is going to have to respond to these trends sooner or later.


This wasn't sketched over anything that pre-exists.  It's just a concept for a new class of ATV that is sandwiched between the currently existing classes of Sport Quads and Utility Quads.  Sport-Utility Quads.  That's right, I just coined that term.  I did this for a Can Am opportunity that I discovered one day.  These things cost so much, that I believe they should be able to meet a broad range of uses.


I was influenced by some larger, cigarette-type boats on my trip back to Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, last summer.  The boat on the bottom features a remote controlled adjustable tonneau cover over the open front bow.  It also has an adjustable height/collapseable wakeboard tower, which I believe would be an industry first.


This is definitely an innovative concept featured on these two different sized boats.  The winshield support is built like, and doubles as the base supports for a wakeboard tower.  The most difficult part of adding a tower is mounting it, which is already taken care of, at the factory (with this approach).  The customer need just purchase the top portion of the tower and mount it up!  Brilliant!!!!

What else am I working on?...Sorry, you'll have to hire me to find out!  And by the way...if you try to manufacture this concept without hiring me...you can count on being sued by me.