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I recently completed this pen drawing of a house in Boulder, which will be going on the market for $1.25 million.  This house has a solar array on it's south facing roof that can supply more power than is actually needed by the home.  The surplus energy can then be sold back to the utility company or used to charge an electric vehicle.  This home will be the second in Colorado to be certified Platinum in Energy Efficiency.


Once I grasped the concept of a high efficiency solar powered home that can produce more power than it needs, I imagined this community specifically built around the concept.  The flat roof doubles as vista-grabbing patio.  In its center is a combo solar array and greenhouse for growing organic fruits and vegetables.  It is sunken into the second level to provide an atrium, through which one would access the plants for cultivating.  Surplus power is used to charge the plug-in electric car parked in the driveway.  No gas station needed!  Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Here's the color version that I painted in Photoshop using my 9X12 Wacom tablet.  I pretty much figured out this rendering procedure on my own.  My perspective classes at Art Center and my experience with construction and siding aided me in the completion of this task.  The house was not yet completed when I took this on, so I had to visually complete portions of the structure using the supplied plans and sample photos.  Does anybody else need a rendering like this?

Do you need a rendering of an existing or soon-to-be-completed home that is going to go on the market?  Realtors are making good use of these types of renderings to get their properties sold.  It can usually be accomplished with one good picture of the property from the desired perspective.  You wouldn't have to live in Colorado for me to do this for you.  Prices range from about $200 for black and white, to $500+ for color.  Call me now, if you are interested @ (303)233-2782-please leave a message if no answer, or just e-mail me: www.JackWallerDesign@msn.com.


About the time I set out to do the rendering of the Boulder home, above, I began to imagine other homes in my mind's eye.  This one would be located in a desert locale and the rock pillars would probably be man-made.  Obviously, one would not want to descicrate such a magnificent natural rock formation.  I call it "Desert Oasis".  I think I was influenced by all the pricey red rock backyard installations in California.


Here's the latest architectural drawing that I've completed.  This was done for a lady who wanted a drawing of her childhood home in west Texas.  It took approximately 8-10 photos to fully understand this home and get this level of detail.  It is not 100% finished in this state, where the copied photo and rough draft are still behind the final drawing.  Media is Rapidograph pen on Clearprint vellum.

Anybody else need one of these?  For $300, I'll get it done.