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In August of 2006, I was contacted by an engineer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to assist in the development of a new Monorail for Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia.  This is the second-generation or Gen2 version, that I designed, and it is based upon the original monorail in Kuala-Lumpur that has been running for some time.  Above, is a picture of the prototype, on a tractor-trailer being moved from one manufacturing location to another.


Photoshop composite of some of the more important sketches, leading up to the chosen direction for the Second Generation Monorail for Kuala-Lumpur Malaysia.


This is one of my color concept sketches, that lead to the chosen design for the Gen2 monorail.  MTrans (now Scomi) is the company in Malaysia that builds the monorail.  I had the pleasure of spending ten days in Kuala-Lumpur and presenting ten color concept sketches to about twenty-five members of their organization.  I was recently informed that Scomi has sold sixty of these monorail cars to Mumbai, acheiving their original goal of marketing this design internationally.


Here is a perspective zoom of my concept for the interior of the Gen2 Malaysia Monorail.  I am pretty sure that the actual interior does not look this good.  Why?  Because this was completed at about the time they stopped wanting to listen to me.  Why?  Because they wanted to inject ideas of their own that I did not want to sign off on.  Plenty of engineering restrictions to work around in here, but I still found a way.


Maya 7.0 rendering of modeled Gen2 Malaysia Monorail.  Built to scale within a decimal place or two.  This is where I stopped modeling the thing.  Why?  The engineers who contracted with me began to lose faith.  Why?  Because I signed the contract asking for 7 weeks to model it (customary in school).   They said I'd have 5 weeks.  But, upon leaving Malaysia to come home, I was only left with 2-3 weeks!  That's just not cool.  I think somebody ate up my modelling time in corporate meetings and worrying about an orthographic drawing that I didn't even have in my budget.  I should've seen that they were planning on bailing on me.

What really broke this relationship down, was the no-man's-land between Maya model output options for Maya 7.0 to Solidworks.  I purchased Polytrans software ($1,300) in an extreme effort to bridge the gap, but these engineers still bailed out on me.

I suspect that they just wanted to sit back and have me do all the work (I had thusfar), and port my model into Solidworks without doing any actual work on their own.

Who are they?  Chris Morin of Morin Research and Development Corporation (MRDC), based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We had plans to do more work together, but after this debockle I told them NO!


Low res Maya 7.0 rendering of Gen2 Malaysia Monorail- front view.  You can see the forward wheelhouse through the windshield.  Silver-ish tray in lower portion of nose was designed to lower and out would come the coupler for towing purposes.  This thing is basically an Alweg-type monorail, which is really a modified bus chassis that rolls on the rail's top surface.